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Responsible tourism is at the heart of ACT Travel. For over 10 years we have taken customers to places around Indochina in social and environmentally responsible manner, ensuring everyone involved respects and maintains the natural and often delicate balance of the destination.

We believe giving something back is essential. We therefore work with our customers and the people we visit to ensure the benefits go directly to contribute to local cultures and environmental conservation. This is not only good the communities we visit but it also gives our travelers more enriched adventures.

Travel offers a raft of benefits to the communities, cities and countries we visit, as well as to the travellers who explore wih us. These include economic benefits and an increased cultural awareness. However, these must be closely managed to mitigate any negative effects on the local environment and people.

What we do:

Supporting and involving local people.

We use local guides for city and site tours.

We recruit and involve local people wherever possible.

We support and prefer to work directly with local businesses, services and individuals.

Our supplies and equipment are purchased locally wherever possible.

We make sure passengers understand and respect cultural difference when engaging with indigenous and local communities.

Our supplies and equipment are purchased locally wherever possible

Where it is practical but not intrusive we stay as guests of local families.



We are the partner of Cambodian Child’s Dream Organization which is help to improve Education, Health, and Agriculture for children and people in the community by providing clean water wells, library, kindergarten, classroom, school stationery, and sponsors children to go to school. We have been building 525 water wells for supporting to over 3200 families (45000 people) in Cambodia. We would be very much appreciated with all kinds of support and donation. When you choose our services, it means that you participated in the humanitarian works. This opportunity will not only be coming from us but from you as well. You also can share and be a part of helping. For more information on how you can help and donate, kindly visit


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